Novel Format


I’m using the novel format. I’ve set each chapter with a folder. I don’t need separate scenes. Is it OK to type the text into the folder? It seems to let me but I don’t want to cause formatting issues later.

I’ve set up 45 chapters with notes in, so would prefer not to have to convert them all to specific new text documents if possible.


Yes, folders can hold text just fine. If you don’t need to contain scenes within them, you should be good to go – and you won’t have more complicated Compile configurations to worry about down the road.

Actually, the better approach is to discard the folder and scene document, and then just create text documents directly in the Manuscript folder. The default Novel and Manuscript compile settings will treat those text files the way you’d expect (adding CHAPTER ONE, TWO, etc…) above the text contained in each document.

If you’ve already started writing in the text area of the folder, you can select the folder and convert it to a text document using the gear icon at the foot of the binder using the “Convert to File” option.

To tack on to Robert’s answer, you can select multiple items in the binder with Ctrl+click (or Shift+click if you’re selecting a contiguous set) and convert them all at once, so it shouldn’t be any serious hardship. The “Novel Format” document at the top of the binder explains how to tweak the template’s default compile settings so that it works well with the binder arrangement of chapters that you’re talking about (you’ll find it toward the bottom of the document under “Making Changes”, a bullet point called “Working with chapters instead of scenes”).