Novel format

I have opened the novel format, title and first chapter are ok. But isnt showing page numbers, or different pages or keeping novel format when i open new folder for a new chapter. Very new to scrivener.
Can any one help?

It sounds like it might be helpful if you gave the tutorial a run-through, apologies if you already have. Scrivener works like an organiser for your documents, think of it as something like a cross between Finder and TextEdit designed just for writers. Making new documents in TextEdit, for example, will not automatically fill in format settings from other documents in that folder. However if you duplicate the original file, change the name to something useful, and then edit the copy, you’ll have a page set up ready to work.

The same goes for Scrivener. Take one of template supplied document pages and duplicate it (Cmd-D), and work using the duplicate. It’s a good idea to keep a pristine copy of all the “master” pages to minimise how much you have to change every time—to have a good clean starting point.

As for page numbers and so forth, this is all addressed in the tutorial. Scrivener is a free-form text editor designed to make the editing of large projects easy. Consequently your book can easily be chopped up into small bits (some go even as small as individual scenes) where the Draft section in the Binder more closely represents the actual outline of the story, rather than a simple list of chapters. The notion of page numbers, footers, headers and even separate pages themselves—all that doesn’t even enter the picture at this point in the writing process. Rest assured, when the time comes to compile all of these documents into a single book file, you can make these kinds of settings in a rudimentary fashion. However, if you have complex needs, you will most likely need to finish the project’s page styling in a word processor.

Scrivener fills the authoring step. It is all about getting thousands of words down, and managing those words in an efficient manner. It doesn’t try to be publishing software (or even a word processor) at any step (though as stated, if you needs are rudimentary, the compile stage might do everything you need).

Thank you, the (cmd-d) works a treat. I did check though the tutorial but the information was broard and didn"t really go into the novel format. When i open a new project the novel MS format shows it in different pages as you scroll down and I cant find information on the tutorial just for this program it seems to be on the program scrivener as a whole not the different writing progarms.
thnak you for your help

Ah, yes, you are correct in that the tutorial talks about the program as a whole. Some (most?) of the templates attempt to address their quirks and features within the template file itself. Keep in mind these templates are really just Scrivener projects saved a special way. You can easily modify the novel template to suit your own style and then save it as a template (in the File menu) for future use. If you find a template difficult to use, or not very useful, there is no compulsion to use it. You can start a novel using the straight blank project file too. These are just suggestions for helping you find your own routine in Scrivener.