Novel-in-a-Day 5: Go Set A NiaD

Hi Fraygirl24, I’ve sent you a direct message about next steps. Welcome to the forum!

gr, nice to see some authorial self-doubt creeping in there. Good proper writers’ neurosis! the signature made me laugh too, even if you are being unjustifiably harsh on yourself.

Jaysen, calm down; you’ll hurt yourself.

I didn’t finish reading the email. Can I have a go again? Please?

Wow. Harsh review! :wink:

But yes, welcome back!

I so wish.

:frowning: :cry: :blush:

Wassamatta kids? Tell uncle vic.

Only if you keep it a secret.

  1. Not talented enough to participate. :frowning:

  2. Not well enough to commit. :cry:

Both the above apply to me, of course. (In case anyone should read the 1 & 2 in a way that wasn’t intended.)

I’m in!

As Vic said in another thread…

More than happy to oblige! But, having read some of your stuff, I’d dispute the whole not talented enough part anyway.


She’s just a bit shy … y’ know wot girls are like.

That’s a new record for being moved to the annoy thread! I’ll keep it over there for those that want to play. On a more serious note…

If folks do want to collaborate on a single chapter or have a brief to work in parallel with no commitment to Mr P, i will volunteer to manage/support that effort for ONE book/chapter that is assigned to me by the fearful leader. While I have only completed one NiaD I have confidence that I can provide a full committed chapter for Mr P solo but would be more than happy to coordinate a colab version. Should there be interest in this I will make sure you have Mr P support to make it successful for everyone.

PM me if interested.

You have to include me I bought a t-shirt.
And a mug.

Oh Christ please pick me I’m gonna look a right loser if you don’t…

I’m here. Front and center. Vacation is scheduled and I’m raring to go. :smiley: Count me in. I’ll start pimping the do. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry Rd, he’ll have to pick you, or else he’ll be vilified and castigated, and the latter can be quite painful if not done under anaesthetic. :open_mouth:

Vic really can’t keep a secret. Thanks for the kindness.

Am looking forward to following and reading NIAD 2015.

Haha! Everyone looks fantastic in a NiaD t-shirt! But just in case, you’re in!


There’s a few maintaining their 100% attendance record now!

I think he’s been at the sugar again. :wink:

Me too! Wonder what it’ll be about!

For the avoidance of doubt, a formal collaborative chapter will be subject to the same quality approvals as any other hopeful new participant: I’ll want a sample of writing from the complete collective to make sure you’re up to it. A key measure will be that your chapter must be indistinguishable from one written by a single person! No “three word story” chapters will be included!

In other words, the following are likely to pass the test:

  • a single main writer who brainstorms ideas from his friends but still actually does all the writing,
  • a single main writer who gets editorial input from 1 other person, or
  • an established two-person writing partnership

Unlikely to be accepted as a ‘formal’ chapter that makes the book:

  • crowdsourced chapters, or
  • chapters written by more than a couple of contributors that are simple dividing the chapter into smaller sections.

That’s for several reasons:

  1. the preserve the integrity of the books (which people are rightly very proud of)
  2. to make sure everyone has a fair and sensible amount to write that can show off their own writing style and vision for their section (any disaggregation is likely to imply an initial single interpretation and vision for the chapter, and prevent individuals from getting the full NiaD experience).
  3. a chapter is only 1,500 words and you have a whole day. That really should be manageable!

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in “Groundhog Day”?

My offer was not about doing it around your eminence’s view but just to manage the work load. The PM me was to see if there was any interest before extra submissions went to you. So there.

If we do a colab chapter I would likely work to structure it in a way that would minimize voice disparity (multiple POV sequences maybe) and would try to smooth out abrupt changes in pacing. I figured I’d provide a main level outline to the chapter in similar manner to your brief. It would be more “short story in 4hour” for the team to allow adequate time for rework if needed.

Can I have my chapter now so I can properly prepare?

[size=60]See how I snuck that in there? [/size]

Hadn’t read Jaysen’s :unamused: post before posting mine. It does appear as if he too expects there are certain collab-hiccups to be sorted. But … who knows…? :confused:

Seriously … euwerrrkkk that word makes me want t’ pewk! Nevertheless, [size=85]thatwordagain[/size], collaborating on something as relatively simple / non-complex as a single chapter, completed over a very short time span, will, as far as I can see, evoke a whole raft of differing personality-temprement-style-comunication complication type issues. If it were a Novel in a Week exercise, I think it, could, be well suited to a collaborative effort, depending of course, on the collaborators.

I don’t want to dampen anybody’s enthusiasm … but … make sure you’ve fully considered all the ramifications involved. Of course, should anybody embark upon a Collab-Niad, then I wish them all the best of luck, and tonnes of enjoyment. :wink: :smiley:


I’m already breaking the story into as small sections as I think it’s fair to give any one writer, and as small sections as I think it’s fair on the readers. If you structure the contributions so that you smooth pacing and minimise voice disparity then you’re robbing participants of the chance to see how their own writing style, voice and interpretation lines up to others writing in the exact same circumstances. That’s something (I’m told over and over) that people have really appreciated in previous years.

Plus, 1,500 words… well. That’s totally doable in a day! I (and the 71 other people who’ve taken part in previous years) can vouch for that! If you don’t have the confidence to do a whole chapter, the suggestion of doing an ‘offline’ one by yourself is the best option (as pointed out – and indeed invented – by Vic-K and expressly noted as a possibility in the FAQs). You’ll get all the practice, all the learning, but with a little less pressure. You can also use the Scrivener project file after the fact to compile your own version of the book with your chapter in it!

  1. Pig’s *#se!
    Sorry, but published evidence to the contrary (including on these boards) invalidates reason #1.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that. :frowning:
    You have my empathy and best wishes. Apart from generally (and genuinely) wishing you well, I also hope that your health improves in time for you to participate should you wish to do so. You most certainly have the talent to participate, and your voice would be a welcome addition to this year’s NiAD.