Novel manuscript template getting jiggy

A little problem with the novel manuscript template.

Up to now I’ve just been using Empty Template, which works well enough, but I decided to try out the novel mss template.

It was fine withe the start - Manuscript, containing Chapter, containing Scene.

But when I decided to make another chapter, it put its folder within the first one. And then when I tried Compile Manuscript, it didn’t include the second chapter with its scene as a separate chapter, but ran them straight on from the first.

What am I doing wrong? How do I regain equality for my de-socialised chapters?

I would start by replicating that folder hierarchy for as many chapters as you plan.
Just select, Copy, and Paste the empty folders.
If they wind up in the wrong locations, drag them out and to the left.
Hope I have understood the problem correctly.

It still doesn’t seem to be working.

I dragged the CHAPTER 2 folder out and to the left - I’d tried this before but it hadn’t worked, but for some reason it did work this time.

Then I compiled the manuscript.

When I opened it in Word, it went like this:


Name, address email, etc

Title page


All the written material from both chapter 1 and chapter 2


In other words, it didn’t have a new chapter heading for Chapter 2, and the written material from that chapter under that - it ignored the new chapter and ran the second chapter on (without so much as a paragraph break) from the first one.

What do you mean by ‘copy and paste’, by the way? I tried selecting the CHAPTER 1 folder and pressing cmd-c, then selecting the MANUSCRIPT folder and pressing cmd-v, to paste in the folder I’d copied, but it did nothing.

Oh, wait - if I check all the boxes in the Compile Draft dialogue it does separate the chapters - but it doesn’t include the chapter titles (“CHAPTER 1”, “CHAPTER 2”, “CHAPTER 3”) except for the first.

Also, a side question: are there keyboard shortcuts for (a) “Compile draft”, “Compile manuscript”, etc, and (b) “Convert file to folder”/“Convert folder to file”?

I have to confess, I’ve never used the novel template. Didn’t see the point, really. You can make folders and items (scenes) very easily with the buttons at top and bottom of the project window. When dragging an element to the left, do it slowly and wait for the line to show; that means it will rest in that location of the hierarchy.

As for copy and paste, my error. See Documents: Duplicate instead.

As for keyboard shortcuts to compiling, I don’t know. One easy work-around is to select all the elements that you want to compile, then click on Edit Scrivenings. You may edit that block of text, like deleting extra spaces, and then Copy All. Open your word-processor and Paste. This works for documents of moderate length; I’ve done it for up to 300 pages.