Novel Standard Manuscript Format doesn't compile?

I couldn’t find any topics about this, sorry if it’s already been mentioned.

Going through the tutorial on compiling, I first compile as Custom to PDF, then Novel Standard Manuscript Format to PDF, and… there is absolutely no difference. Same custom font, no double spacing as it said it should… is this something I’m doing wrong? Or is it a bug?


Well, double-spacing isn’t implemented yet in the code, so that won’t be showing up yet. This is one of the reasons why the beta doesn’t have extensive presets and templates yet, as it would require reworking with each new feature to fix them all.

As for why Custom matches NSMF, that’s probably be custom was derived off of it. Expand the compile interface if necessary (click the button with the ellipses in it), and examine the Formatting pane to make alterations.

Okay cool, thanks. :slight_smile: