Novel success using Scrivener

Hey, Keith.
I just wanted to let you know that I the novel I wrote for last year’s Nano: The Cartographer, has gotten me a deal with an agent. I wrote it with Scrivener and the whole experience was plain sailing (It took 23 days). So thanks for your part in my success. The agency is now interested in my first novel, The Last Messiah, which was started on Word, then ported to Scrivener (when I discovered it), and went like a dream. It was a long and complex sci-fi and I couldn’t have written it without Scrivener’s Binder, Split Screen, Document and Project Notes Feature, document splitter, and search thingy.
Only one thing: I hate the corkboard. Nothing personal; I just hate cork.
I’ve written a longish textbook using Word, and it needs work, so I’m going to rewrite it using Scrivener, which I a suspish will do just fine.
BTW my wp is Nisus. I will never touch Word again. Promise.
All the best,

You know you can change the background in Preferences? I often use a decent blue background (depends on my mood).

Congratulations, BTW!