Novel template export localisation...

I’m writing in Farsi (Persian) using the novel template. I’ve noticed that the chapters are set like

Chapter <$w>

I’ve changed the string ‘Chapter’ to its Farsi equivalent, however when I export <$w> is automatically changed to ‘One’, ‘Two’, … which is not suited here. I’ve had a quick look at the template file but everything seemed to be in a ‘cryptic’ XML format. Is it possible for me to input the Farsi equivalent of the above numbers somewhere for the program to use when creating the exported version?

(this may as well be valid for other languages, say French, German, …)

Thank you.

I’ve been assuming that this would be rectified when the localisation project got under way. I do not know what is technically being done to generate this number. It might very well be that it is using a library to generate them, and there is no actual list that you could substitute for.

Thanks for your reply AmberV!
I do hope the this ‘library’ is accessible, otherwise it’s a shame that it cannot be changed. (being such a great application)

If there’s any localisation being done, I’d be glad to help in Farsi (Persian). :slight_smile:
Actually having said that, I was so surprised that Scriviner, actually included Farsi quotes in the typographer’s quotes preferences!

Dang, I am using standard OS X formatting methods for this and thought that it would be localised automatically - I’ll look into it when I get chance.

Thank you! Look forward to hearing about it! :slight_smile: