Novel template questions

Two questions about the novel template.

  1. How do I create additional chapters. The first one is already a folder. Do I duplicate folder, or is there a way of automating the creation of new chapters?

  2. How do I import my existing novel into the novel template? When I try it just creates a sub-directory the same as the original. Ideally I’d like to automatically format the chapters (which are single documents, manually numbered) into the template. Is it even possible?

Thanks, folks.

Try to think of templates as starting points for your project, not a set of features. A template is, in actuality, nothing more than a project file like any other that has been saved in a special way. There is nothing magic about the structure in the Binder, or the documents included. These are just samples that you can follow. If you want to integrate existing material with a template look & feel, you’ll have to do this integration manually as with any other word processor. To duplicate one of the sample sections, you’ve got it right, just duplicate it. Keep one around in a pristine condition for future duplication, too.

I think I may have a program that could help with your first question. TextExpander works with Scrivener and with it you can auto-generate “snippets” of commonly used test and assign them to certain abbreviations. So, I just tried this after reading your post and low and behold it works wonderfully. I simply copied an unaltered Scrivener folder/chapter and copied the text (including the spacing, I just hit cmd-a) to the clipboard. With TextExpander installed I click the menubar icon and say “Create Snippet from Clipboard…” then I set the abbreviation to chpt-r (there’s no dash but I can’t write the actual snippet without it expanding…). So now I just make a new folder and type the abbreviation and text expander does the rest. This program is very useful and in the about section of the preference pane it shows you how many characters you’ve saved by using it and how many hours that roughly saves, a little gimmicky but I don’t care since it works so well. Anyway, heres the link and I hope this helps. … Ggodk1Ch9g