Novel Title Page Variables

I’m having an issue trying to find where to update the variables on the title page in the default Novel template, such as:


Is there somewhere in the program to add this information or should I just delete those variables? Various websites say that once you add that information, it can flow throughout the rest of your document in such a way, that each page will have Name/Title/Pg.# in the upper right corner when compiling in Novel Standard Manuscript Format.

There is also the possibility that this is a feature in the Mac version that has not yet been added to the Linux version.

If anyone is able to help me, I’d be ever so grateful!

Yeah, I think you got this template from a Mac user. We do have these template variables on the Mac, mainly because it is super easy and logical to provide them as every Mac ships with an address book, and when you initialise your computer for the first time the registration information goes into a special address card that any software can read and use. So that’s all we’re doing there—taking advantage of basic info that is on nearly every Mac user’s machine.

We still need to come up with a tidy solution to this problem for Windows/Linux. The external address book thing is out of the question since Linux is far too variable to predict what will be available, and Windows doesn’t have a basic address book feature. It might be we have to just add a panel to the options window where you can type that stuff in, but that is kind of ugly, because most people don’t go into Options first thing off. They want to set up a template, and so we’ll need some kind of nag screen that asks for this info, and then you get people asking why they have to type in their personal information… lots of fun. :slight_smile:

For now the Windows/Linux version just prints plain English text in the title page for the templates, like “Your name”. What you want to do to make this easier for yourself in the future is update all of that, then immediately create your own custom derivative template with your info already saved into it. Creating starter templates for yourself is a great way to customise the program and save time. With the one you acquired that has the Mac variables in it, you can do the same thing: just replace them with your info.