Novel with Parts - how to show Part headings on separate page

I don’t know if there is a workaround in Scrivener 3 for this or if this is a bug.

I want to compile a Novel with Parts to Word,. I want my Novel Part headings, for example “PART A: The journey”, to show on a page on their own (for this reason I assign the “Chapter Number” layout). And I don’t want my Chapters to show their binder titles (so I can use my own), therefore I assign the “Chapter Number with Text” layout and in the layout settings, I deselect “Title”. So far so good.

However, if I choose not to show the chapter titles then the Part headings appear with no page break. I’ve tried adding a page break manually but still the same happens. The only way to show my Part headings on a page on their own with a page break after, is to also include the title for my Chapters.

I don’t see how two different layouts (" Chapter Number" and “Chapter Number with Text”) can affect each other like that? Is this a bug? Is there a workout so I can choose not to show my Chapter titles but show the Novel Part headings with a page break after?

Many thanks.

Layouts shouldn’t affect one another, I think. So that’s a bug, I think.


In Assign Section Layout: Assign Part Headings to Part Title (that’s all you want of it, right?). Assign Chapter Heading to something else (I used “as-is”, and nothing shows because those folders have no text (be careful here)), and the other bits of the structure as you choose. Scene became “Section Text”. If you want Scenes separated by a page break, use “Titled Section” instead (I’m assuming you’ve used the Template “Novel with Parts”).

Uncheck the “Title” checkbox from everything but Part Title layout.

This gave me Part Title on its own page, and scenes with separators on following pages.

Thank you! It works like this. However, what happens if I want my chapter headings to show “Chapter 1” “Chapter 2” etc? For this to happen I need to click on the “Title” in layout settings for my Chapter Headings. But again, if I do this the page break from my Part titles disappears. In other words, My Part Titles only have a page break if they are the only element with a tick in the Title (as you suggested).

The fact that there’s a workaround (for your specific need) doesn’t mean it’s not buggy. It is buggy, but I suspect it’s one or two layouts that’re buggy.

However… if you don’t use Chapter Heading, but Chapter with Title for Chapters with Titles, that should work. Seems to do it for me. Might not be the style you want, but I do get a page break for each Chapter doing that.

One thing to make sure of. In compile → (choose your profile) → edit ->Separators:

Make sure you have a Page Break separator defined before the section. You may want to turn off “use default separators”.

Hi konssam,

Has this been working for you? Or are you still experiencing this problem in the latest beta?