Novel with Parts

in the iOS version of Scrivener, I can easily make new projects. But how do I create something more than just a basic project? For example, can i make a Novel with parts? Or Short story? Are these project templates available on iOS?

iOS Scrivener doesn’t have built-in project templates. What you can do is create a project using a project template at your Mac then sync it over to iOS. By the way, there’s nothing special about those project templates. They’re built from a base project which you could do on your own, as well. They’re provided as a convenience.

With that in mind, you can build a Part/Chapter project from the base project created in iOS. It’s just a matter of assigning levels to what you create. In the Binder/sidebar, at the header tap Edit > at the footer tap the Crossed Arrows > select a Binder item > at the footer tap one of the single arrows that points to the desired direction > at the header tap done.

Thanks for the tip!