Novel with Parts

I am not sure how to word this to make sense, but here goes:

I am working on a novel with multiple parts. It is something that started WAAY back several versions of Scirv ago. Anyways, I had the settings to compile it all the way I wanted so that it would look like this when compiled:

Title Page
(Next page) Part 1: Part Title
(Next page) Chapter 1: Chapter Title with text of chapter beginning below that.

Then chapters within that Part going along normally, starting on new pages.

But now when I compile, i get something like this:

Title Page
(Next page) Part Title, Chapter title, Prologue
(Next Page) Part title, chapter title, text of chapter.

No separate page for Part.

Does this make sense? I can try to pose pictures of what I mean. How do I get it to compile a manuscript with these section breaks? Or should I even do that?

UPDATE: I fixed the Parts issue, but now when I compile the manuscript, instead of chapter titles, it simply says “Chapter One”


Figured it out.

For the parts I changed the section type. But for the titles, I played around with the compile features and got to the point where I can choose the compile style.