Novlr (online writing software)

For those who are looking for an online alternative to Scrivener, Novlr, might be up your ally. I had a chance to beta test Novlr (before they were charging for it) and it’s not nearly as feature rich as Scrivener as it’s main focus seems to be more oriented towards a minimalist environment. It has added new features in recent updates with more planned, but at the moment it’s not my cup of tea. It does have a binder-like functionality that allows a story to be broken up into scenes, chapters, etc. So it may be worth looking at for some folks. Personally, I’ll stick with Scrivener as it’s a more robust and feature-rich tool.

This disappointed me somewhat. When I saw it was hosted under a .org domain, I immediately thought it was open source or not-for-profit. Alas, it is closed source and subscription/SaaS based. I’m happy to pay for software (open or closed); I’m not happy to pay for SaaS especially when I know zero about their backend code and have no idea if the company will even exist in a year.