Now a little tougher question....margins

I’ve set some rules for myself in the document I’m writing. It’s a Persuasive Essay, trying to persuade others to believe what I say is true. But I want to avoid confusion by making it short and to the point, and so clear that all believe they have a clear choice in deciding who to believe, me or my opponent.

So…I want to make my 5 points on a mere 5 pages, one point per page. To do that, I must keep it short by weeding out all my frivolous words. To be able to do that I must have clear borders (margins) on each page so I can at any time look at my word count to know if I’ve exceeded one page, and do some more weeding of the words if necessary.

So my question is…I think via Preferences in Scrivener, I can ‘set’ my margins so they won’t change from page to page. Currently, I don’t know what the ruler at the top of the page designates…inches, pixels, or what. Can someone tell me so I can set them according to my Font size to be consistent from page to page. Please remember that I’m slow at the techie side of stuff, so I’d really appreciate it if you pretend I’m about a 6th grader when you explain this.

Consider using word count to represent the page size, not an actual page view. I think you are kind of close to this. This would mean that you need to know how many words are on a page and can be unconcerned about margins and the like.

Problem here is I don’t know how amy words are on a page. The good news is that there are many folks smarter then me who DO know. Hopefully they will rescue you shortly.