Now I have two binders?

So I was feeling like a smart newbie. Big mistake. ha! I wanted to look at the collections colors even though I’m not using a collection yet. Tried it. Looked at it. Wanted it to go away. Which it did but now my left side/binder looks different. Now I have two binders and I didn’t before and I can’t get the search results to go away.

Any ideas on what I can do to get it back to just the one binder tab?

Thanks in advance.

You’ve got one binder and one search result, small distinction but a crucial one. :slight_smile: You’ve always had a search results tab, it’s just that ordinarily you don’t see it because the tab list is hidden. Whenever you search the project for a phrase, you are in fact looking at the contents of that search result tab, until you cancel the search.

Anyway, to close the tab list, just click the little icon above it that looks like a stack of blue manilla envelopes.

Thank you. Sheesh. So simple. I’m going to make myself crazy. I promise when I get more fluent in the program I will help newbies all I can.

I did know that I had to clear the search results which I did by going over to the search in the upper right and clicked on the X there. That was the first thing I did but the search results stayed. That doesn’t bother me though as long as I have that clean section, which I do now, thanks to you. :slight_smile:

Yes, the “sticky” search results is actually a feature. You might wish to go back and forth between search results and the full project list for some tasks, and this saves you the step of having to search again for the same thing over and over. It will even stick after you close the project and open it a week later.

Whoops, a belated but grateful thank you for the input. Nice to know my workflow will still work for me.