Now iOS won't Open/Import a file into Research

Before my upgrade to Scrivener 3 today, I was happily using Scrivener for iPhone 1.1.5. I would often Open or Import a file into the Research section of a particular Scrivener project. I had been saving URL web pages in to Dropbox from Safari, then “open” or import them into the Research section of my Scrivener project. I believe there was a Dropbox option when I went to download/open a file into Research–now there is only Photo Library, Camera, Web Page, and Browse. When I browse on the iOS version, there is a list of the files previously saved, but when I click on the PDF image, the process just hangs up on the message “Waiting to Download.” I have walked away for half an hour and nothing happens except the whirling circle.

I did upgrade my Mac OS to 10.12.6 a few days ago, and my iPhone iOS to 11.2.1 as well. If I cannot bring info and files in to the iOS version of Scrivener, it will be of little use to me. I can perform this “File/Import” function into the Research section on my MacOS version of Scrivener. Thankfully, both versions of Scrivener do sync between each other for now. That’s at least something! But what is going on with the iOS “file/import” function?

Hi, I’ve encountered this problem too. I went and checked the Dropbox forum, and it’s NOT a Scrivener issue–it’s a Dropbox v iOS 11.2 issue. From the Dropbox forum (

So there you have it. Power off and power on your iOS device and your problem should be temporarily cured and the permanent fix will happen when Dropbox next updates its iOS app.

Wow—that actually worked! You restored my faith. Thanks for being so prompt, too.

You’re welcome!