Now THREE Operating systems

Well, for work reasons I finally had to surrender and get a smart phone. No, did not get an IPHONE, sorry chaps, way out of my budget. I got a mid level Android device.

So here came the fun… making sure my scriv files can be worked on an IPAD (almost default when out and about, at times I just carry the nettie), the windows version (found out that putting the scriv file on dropbox even when closing can lead to issues on the Mac version, so thumb drive works), and mac, as well as now android.

Yup, there are a couple simplenote clients on Android, but have I mentioned how much I dislike Simplenote, it is overwhelming. Well folks found one app (office suite) on the Android, that reads text, and instead of using elements will have to use another one of the text pads on the IPAD. But now I am working across multiple platforms. I prefer Elements, but it really does not look outside it’s own cubby, aka file system…

Anyhow, it is good. If all I have is the phone I can tap a few paragraphs…

But damn, that dance was time consuming last night.

And yes, I had to get the smart phone for the messaging… I needed a better data plan… And yes, they got me to do their app to locate where their calls drop… in the back country… they do often. As a reporter I know that… Verizon locally is a little better… but all these rely on cell towers, and coverage in the sticks is not really their priority. And that goes for all of them.

Other chief use for that sucker… fire radio traffic… oy.

If anybody wants to know what office suite works, sure, will post it… suffice to say my preferred one, documents to go, don’t play nice with mac sync. (And I live on dropbox anyway for a lot of my files and txt are really light when it comes to file size)


Nope, will be trapped in Simplenote, whether I like it or not, will have to tame it though

Theres issues with the mac version and drop box? Is that only if your trying to open it on a different operating system?

I’m not sure the OP means either. I edit my projects directly from dropbox on both my Mac and my work PC, and the only (very minor) issues I encounter have nothing to do with dropbox; I get the same effects if I used a thumb drive.

I’m using Scrivener on both m Macbook Air and iMac. I’m a Dropbox user for a lot of applications.

Can I simply put my .scriv file in a Drop box folder and use it from multiple machines (not at the same time, of course)?

Best to read this thread carefully first: [url]]

I switched from dropbox to sugar sync. More free space and it feels more complete to me. Hopefully there wont be the same problems as there are with drop box.

Any sync service is going to have the potential for error, because synchronization, particularly of a multi-file package like a Scrivener project, is a complicated task. So whether you’re using Dropbox to store the project or another similar service, definitely read through the relevant parts of the “Scrivener Everywhere” chapter in the user manual to ensure you’re following best practices to minimize chances of problematic syncs. We also have a knowledge base article on the subject.