Now to eliminate unwanted asterisks?

My Scrivener document contains some simple formulas. All are similar to this one: N’ = a * b * c * d.

When I compile my document to ePub and look at it in Apple Books, however, an extra set of asterisks appears. I also lose my italics. See attachment.

My only guess at this point is that something is going on with mark-up codes, but I might be wrong about that. Within the Compile tool, I am not using any transformations or replacements. Any thoughts on why the additional asterisks are appearing?

FYI that I looked at the body.xhtml file inside the ePub file. Inside that file, the formula appears with the extra asterisks. So it looks like the asterisks are being added in the Scrivener compile process, not by the Apple Books app.

The extra asterisks are probably a mis-conversion: asterisks are commonly used to indicate italicized text.

Do you see the issue in other formats, such as PDF or Word?

Good question. I just compiled to PDF, and no, I do not see the extra asterisks.

A further FYI. I am making edits to a book that I created and self-published in 2022. When I look at the epub from 2022, the extra asterisks do not appear. So then I looked at the Scrivener release history, and I see that there were multiple updates to Scrivener since 2022. I am running the current release, so now I am wondering if something has changed within Scrivener.

Attached is ZIP file containing my Scrivener test file. If someone can compile it to ePUB, and if the extra asterisks do not appear, then I’ll know it’s a problem on my end. (95.1 KB)