Nowadays Macs - what rests of us?

And so, after eight years of continued use of my all-soft Pismo, I bought a new laptop Mac (Ok, not so lap-compliant, to be true, but you know how tech jargon works…)

Help me. It doesnt’ even look like a Mac. I don’t know where to start from wilth all that (heavy) metal. And - listen - it’s grey!

And that psychedelic Leopard: I’ve stopped using acids from long. I no longer have the age for this kind of disco-club visuals!

Please be kind with me. Console me, and please tell me that everything is going fine. I’ll learn how to deal with this thing. Everything will be normal in a few days. Then, I’ll feel good.


You must not like the standard Desktop Picture. That’s easy enough to change.
See System Preferences…Desktop & Screen Saver and make a more soothing choice.
You will enjoy the larger screen and greater speed of this new machine, for sure.

Well lets look at the bright side.

YOu can run Windows Applications while running your Mac ones (Using something like VM Fusion) or you have the option to actually install Windows (shudder) or Linnux through Bootcamp.
What other hardware vendor gives you that many options in running OS and software?

(On that technical note Ask Jaysen about it becuase he can give you all the juicy details of running multiple OSes on one box - laptop-.)

Leopard may take a little to get used to but it has plenty of little tricks up its sleeve to waste a lot of your valuable time. Today I was at work and turned on my MBP and and synced to cell phone (via bluetooth) and downloaded some pics and wallpapers, synced my address book, calendar, and alarms and made a few new ringtones and also pulled a few pictures I had taken with my phone off the phone and printed them out to laugh at.

The ambient light sensors will get you plenty of WOW looks, especially on planes at night. When it comes to laptop elegance the Mac Book Pro is like a 2008 Bugatti Veyron

and most everyone else is driving something “else”

Simply said welcome to First Class, fine wine, the arts, VIP,etc.

Under the hood the MBP is a screamer and here is what is really nice
There is not ONE singe virus for Mac OSX that has been found in the wild and caused an infection since OSX came out. (We are on the 6th version of OSX) The day if it ever comes will make the news all around.

THings will be just fine for you.

See you were using Windows and are showing sure signs of

Stockholm Syndrome :slight_smile:

There are many users on this forum that give you you long lists of productive things they do with their macs.

Myself, I find it is by far the best procrastination tool known to man. 8)

that’s why god created ebay. there’s tiger, panther, os9 and even older for the rest of us.