Number chapters in compile starting with a specified number

Hello all,
I’ve searched the forums and not found this - forgive me if I’ve missed it. It seems like a fairly obvious question but maybe not? :confused:

I am submitting chapters of my novel bit by bit, and when I compile just the chapters I’m submitting, the numbering starts (again) at one. This is in the section layout of compile, using Chapter <$t>.

What I’d like to know is - is there any way of starting with a specific number, or using an expression to add a number - such as Chapter <$t + 10> (or something to that effect)? I’ve tried various experiments to no avail.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks,

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Maybe this makes me a bad person, but if I were in this situation, and it might be a couple of days before this gets resolved, and if I needed to work on my project, I’d see if I could download a new copy of the trial version - with a different email address - on a different machine.

Thanks… I don’t think a new copy would help me. This is a thing I want to do on a regular basis - compile selected chapters from my manuscript, let the $t numbering happen automatically, BUT start from a chosen number, rather than from 1.
So that, for example, I could compile chapters seven through twelve and have the numbering start from seven.

There are various getarounds: One is to always compile starting from chapter one, and then just extract from the resulting document the chapters I want. That works, it just adds a step, so I just thought I’d ask the question.

Thanks for answering, though!

I think, Tribalrose, that you meant this post for th next thread, as it is an appropriate answer to that.