Number of backups only 25

I use Scrivener on my Mac, on my iPad and on my iPhone. That means opening and closing a work project perhaps many times a day. And I have automatic backup on, on closing a project.
In preferences the maximum number of backups is 25. I might have that many in a day or two sometimes. The older backups are gone. Now I’m trying to develop a habit of making daily backups of my backups, so I can get back to an older version of a project if needed …

… or you could increase the number of backups…

You’re popping back and forth between macOS and iOS Scriveners 25 times a day? :open_mouth: For the same project?! :open_mouth: That seems like a lot of back-and-forth.

Try keeping a Time Machine disk connected to your Mac at all times then… it will make backups of your files every hour, so unless you’re doing 25 backups per hour, per project, you’ll at least have access to every backup for the next 24 hours. After which, it’ll keep a set of 25 backups per project that were available during the last Time Machine backup of each given day. You’ll have those last 25 backups for each day going back 30 days, and then after that, a set of 25 backups per project, per week as it thins out the backups.

By the way you aren’t limited to 25, the maximum number of backups is limited by the operating system and hard disk limitations itself. Simply switch the “Only keep” checkbox to off, and Scrivener will never delete a backup for you again. And do be mindful of those hardware limitations!

The Time Machine tip is probably more practical however, if you’re generating +25 files per day with it. :slight_smile:

Another approach would be to switch off the automatic deletion and use your own automation on the folder—perhaps a script that culls old backups by how old they are, and if there are any newer ones left, so that the last standing backup is never removed.

Also do note that it is not necessary to close the project on your Mac when going mobile. All you really need to be certain of is that all of the edits you’ve made have been uploaded with Dropbox—which is what you’d be doing anyway even if you closed the project. Once Dropbox stops working, even if the project is open on the Mac, you’re good to go. Same does not apply on iOS, do make sure to close and sync when switching from iPad to iPhone and vice versa.

When you get back to the Mac, again wait for Dropbox activity to cease, then either click the sync button in the toolbar or activate the project window (the software checks for mobile changes when the project window has been inactive and becomes active—hence a quick Cmd-Tab, Cmd-Tab is enough to trigger a sync).

Thanks everyone. This seems to be the best solution for me: