Number of lines in synopsis

is the number lines in synopsis fixed or user-definable?
I actually need sometimes only one-line, more as a subtitle

No it’s not fixed, or a setting you have to change. You can type as little or as much as you want. Although it’s probably not the best place for it, you can drop a few thousands words in there if you really want to.

On the other hand, if you’re referring to what and “index card” looks like, that’s another matter. Refer to §8.2.6, Corkboard Options, in the user manual PDF for how to adjust the size and shape of index cards on the corkboard.

That should not be confused with the synopsis though. The synopsis can be typed up in the Outliner, where it acts more like a note field in a traditional nested outline writing program, or in the inspector where the “card” can be made arbitrarily tall or you can even close the Notes section entirely to focus just on it.

Thanks Amber, but… if I don’t type any synopsis it takes the first three lines of the text itself…
are they adjustable?
let’s say instead of three lines, one line?

Ah, I see what you mean. That’s just a preview of the main text, it shows that if you have no synopsis so that you have some better idea of the content than the title alone (assuming you even gave it a title). There are no customisation options for that, it’s not really the synopsis—just some fallback text.

If you do want to control it, I suppose you could select whatever quantity you’d rather have displayed, in the text editor itself, and use the Documents ▸ Auto-Fill ▸ Set Synopsis from Selection command. Just be aware that once you do that it actually becomes the synopsis, and won’t update if the underlying text itself changes.

and… that preview is not reducible to one line only? :pray:
so to avoid making it the real synopsis?

Correct. As noted, “there are no customisation options for that…”.

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