Number of notes and Zoom labels overlap on window resize

Very minor cosmetic this. On window resize, the ‘notes’ label and the ‘Zoom’ label can overlap.
I think it can be fixed with autolayout priorities, but not sure which version of OS X introduced it.

What OS version are you running? It seems to be sturdy in 10.9.2. Any other potentially complicating factors like Retina, very large screens or multiple displays?

I’m also running 10.9.2. Non-retina MacBook Pro.

Screen shot:

This really isn’t a big problem, so please don’t waste too much time on it.

Ah, thanks! Got it. I wasn’t dropping the window size down far enough to see it. I’ll add it to the list. I think autolayout was 10.8? Fairly recent.

Suggested quick fix: Stick xx notes in the left corner of the window border.