Number of pages in a Kindle version?

The form to apply for an ISBN requires that I enter the number of pages in the book This isn’t shown by the Kindle file. Is there any way to calculate it from the Scrivener file?

I believe you’re looking for Project Statistics. There’s a tab in that drop-down that lets you set the number of words per page for use in the calculation of the number of pages, so you can adjust that. Note that one of the numbers is just an estimate (Total words / words per page), the other is based on your current compile settings.

Sorry, never thanked you for this kind help. Many thanks.

Is there an accepted convention for number of pages in a book that only has an ebook edition? Speaking literally, if no print edition exists should the pages be zero?

I’m surprised that - given that this is a ISO standards driven requirement - that there is no defined answer.