Number of words per line after compile

Hey, everyone, I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this. When I compile to a .doc, the number of words per line is higher than if I’d simply copied and pasted the text from Scrivener to Word. Or, if I compile it, and copy the text from the compiled .doc and paste into a brand new .doc, it does the same thing.

Basically, it looks like Scrivener compresses the text by around 0.55pt (yes, I did some experimenting). Is there a reason for this compression? Or a way to turn it off? It seems like this sort of thing could lead to an inaccuracy when it comes to page counts based on words-per-page, especially with very large works. Is there perhaps a kerning function that I can’t find that can be turned off?

*Edit: After doing some more fiddling with compile settings, this happens when the output font is set as Courier New, but not when it’s set as Times New Roman. I’ll see if any other fonts do the same thing.