Numbered list. Do they work?

I am using Scriv3 on my Mac and am having a problem when exporting to the docx Paperback 5.06x7.81 format. My list doest have a style applied ie No Style. I simply selected the text I wanted to be numbered, selected the drop down box for bullets, selected the first item and walaa…it looks perfect in Scrivener (see example below):

However when I export, This is how it appears in word docx:


Am I doing something wrong? Do I just need to fix in word or is their something I can do in Scriv3 to make the export work and the numbered list to wrap accordingly. I have a ton of numbered list so my preference is to fix in Scriv3.

I cannot reproduce this, given the provided instructions for doing so. I’m attaching the result of my test, which has nine list items with sufficiently long text to require word wrap. Compile is set up to use the Paperback format with RTF. You might want to compare it with your project and see if there are any differences in the text or compile settings (such as which Section Layout I used for the text). Note the Ruler in the editor, for the list lines as well—what you posted in the screenshot looks a bit like what Word does when a right indent has been set to some point way off the edge of the paper. (Refer to §15.5.1, The Ruler in the user manual if necessary).

I did briefly try DOCX but it is of course the same. RTF is better for testing here since it is both Word and Scrivener’s native format (we have to compile to RTF and then run it through an industrial conversion engine to make a .docx). (13.2 KB)