Numbered list - lines not breaking after each item


This is my first post here so apologies if I do anything wrong. I’ve had a search and can’t find a similar issue. I’ve used Scrivener with MMD and LaTeX to write a Masters dissertation and a few smaller documents and generally managed to sort out any problems. I’m currently setting up a PhD thesis template, and one of the sections has a numbered list.

I’ve tried using the built-in Scrivener numbered list and also a MMD numbered list (just putting 1., 2. before each line). I compile using MultiMarkdown -> LaTeX with the section not set to ‘As-Is’, and use TexStudio to generate a PDF from the LaTeX.

The numbered list displays as a piece of text without a line break after each item, so as

1. Some text here 2. More text here 3. You get the picture I hope


1. Some text here
2. More text here
3. You get the picture I hope

I could embed LaTeX into the Scrivener document to produce a list, but this seems like a thing that should work in Scrivener/MMD so wonder if anyone had any suggestions.


Scrivener 2 or Scrivener 3? Scrivener 3 allows you to use standard Scrivener RTF lists and it auto-convert them to MMD lists (via a compile setting), but lets assume you are using Scrivener 2. I just tested in Scrivener 2 and MMD6 and it seems to be working here (I always have a blank line before and after the list):

results in:

\item{} This is a Markdown list.

\item{} Another item here.


Ea mea diam facete democritum, no quidam facilisis dissentias vix\footnote{Test footnote B}. Ea pri minim lobortis, praesent neglegentur eos at, pri an denique honestatis consequuntur.

\item{} Numbered list.

\item{} Some more here.


Are you sure you are using returns and not line breaks?


Many thanks for your quick response. Sorry, yes I’m using Scrivener and Multimarkdown 5.4.0 (I think, at least that’s what the command-line version is).

I suspect that using the Scrivener list to start with did something weird to the page, even deleting all text and retrying didn’t work. I deleted the whole section and started again using the MMD method and am now getting the correct \begin{enumerate} syntax appearing.

Thanks again,