Numbered lists do not format properly (Web Page)

I am a technical writer. On my Mac, in Scrivener 2.3 (19120), my numbered list doesn’t display properly when I compile the chapter using Compile>Web Page (.html). It ends up looking like this:
1 Some text
2 Some more text plus the number is LARGE and BOLD
3 Some text with the number in a very tiny font
4 * text appears bulleted and numbered as well as indented ?

The list displays perfectly when I compile the chapter as PDF or Multi-Markdown Web Page (HTML).

If it is working fine with the MMD output, does that mean the list itself isn’t actually “a list” in the word processor sense, but just a sequence of lines with symbols prefixing them? If you were using the actual list feature that does automatic indenting and renumbering for you, then it would not work in MMD, because of said indenting. It inserts TAB(PREFIX)TAB(CONTENT), and that initial TAB is interpreted by MMD as a code block, meaning the whole list ends up in a


I’d try removing the manually typed in prefixes on these lines, selecting them all, and using the List button on the Format Bar to assign a list type to the range of lines and see if that works better with the Web Page output. You might want to take a snapshot before doing a bunch of heavy alterations like that.