Numbered lists - how to skip a paragraph

Asked this on another thread, no answer so I’m setting up a separate thread to ask it. I know this must be possible; it’s certainly possible with bulleted lists… I have a series of numbered records for a class I’m teaching. Now I’ve come to a holiday week, and went to note the week number but skip the week. Here’s how the list reads at the moment:

6.	Week 46: 21 October 2016: Worldbuilding: (blah blah blah description of class, exercises, etc)
7.	Week 47: 29 October 2018: Hallowe’en break. 
8.	Week 48: Narrative and dialogue: (blah blah blah description of class, exercises, etc)

What it should read is

  1. Week 46 (etc)
    Week 47: 29 October 2018: Hallowe’en break
    7: Week 48 (etc)

In other words, Week 47, the Hallowe’en holiday, should not have a number, and the numbers should continue in sequence after it.

How do I do this? The only way I can see to do it is to number the weeks manually rather than using Scrivener’s Numbered List system. But is there any way to tell the Numbered List to skip a paragraph?

This is a bit kludgy, but it works…

Just create your list in the normal way, then when you want to skip a line of numbers, press Ctl+Enter instead of Enter. Keep on pressing Ctl-Enter at the end of each ‘skipped’ line until you want to resume the list, when you press Enter again. The numbering will resume.

NB the indent of the ‘skipped’ lines may not look perfect, but you can use the Ruler etc to change this.

In the screenshot, you can see the different line ending marks at the end of list item 3 and the first skipped line.


You’re a little genius, so you are! Thank you, Brookter. Not kludgy at all.

Great tip! The equivalent in Windows is Shift-Enter.