Numbered lists in Scrivener


I am creating a list (numbered a. b. c. etc) in Scrivener. I then have a gap with some writing and then I re-start my list. Is there a feature in Scrivener where I can continue my list from where I stopped. For example I have a listed numbered a. - i. and I then I stop the list and write some text and then continue my list. I want to continue the list by starting at j. but I can’t figure out how to do this in Scrivener, it just restarts at a.

I know its possible to specify the letter I start at in Microsoft Word and wondered is this possible in Scrivener?


No, this isn’t doable in Scrivener; the list controls are simpler. You could fake it using line breaks (aka soft returns) with Shift+Enter, but that would impose limitations on the formatting that you probably don’t want, since it would be part of the same paragraph as the preceding list item. Depending what you’re doing though, faking it like that may work for you. Otherwise, I’d just recommend marking it in some way (bold formatting, coloured text) so that after you’ve compiled you can go through in Word and clean up your lists with the “Set Numbering Value” feature there.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Its a pity Scrivener doesn’t have the feature but I will try what you suggest.


Hello, I was wondering whether there has been any change on this front since the end of this discussion? I am having the same issue lately. Thank you.