Numbered outline STYLES?

Finally am finding some time to work with S3, and mostly it’s a joy.

Perhaps I am over-estimating the potential of paragraph styles, but perhaps someone can tell me so.

I have styles called heading 1, heading 2, and heading3. They have different formats in all respects (paragraph and character). What I am hoping to be able to do is to have all Heading1 paragraphs numbered in outline form: I. The Meaning of Life. Heading2 would be A. The Hopelessness of the Questions Heading 3 would be 1. Plato doesn’t think it’s hopeless. The next instance of Heading 1 would be II. The Meaninglessness of Life and so on. In other words, a standard outline style in the styles tool of S3.

Is this possible? When I format with Lists, the numbering never sticks to the paragraph style. And so I am unable to test the ability to follow h3 with h1 where h1 would resume the listing in a previous h1 and be II.

In short, I want headings that will allow me to automatically outline across a document, and ideally across documents in the draft portion of the binder. Too Word-like? Tell me and I’ll go away.

Try putting headings in their own document and using <$P-R> as a numbering placeholder in Prefix or Suffix. Then use the Formatting tab instead of a style.

Thank you. The separate document part is not ideal, but I suppose even on screen it will show up. When compiled it will go into the RFT and I can transform it in Word.

So, this is thinking outside the box, as I would never have done

But I need some guidance.
I have a document called introduction.
So, I now have a document that precedes it whose content is
<$P-R> Introduction
Then I select the format tab? Is that format pulldown, or format table? Or…?


Actually, you shouldn’t need the titles in a separate document. For each chapter, make a folder and give it the name you want as the title of that chapter. Put each section as a text file as a child of that chapter and give it the name you want for that section. Do the same for subsections etc. To build the hierarchy in the binder. Remember, that folders, document groups and documents can all include text; they are there so that you can assign different compile outputs to each … at the system level, they are all just files.

The simplest way is to set them all for compiling as assigned by structure— though you can be more specific at compile time if you want—and set compile to provide the numbering through the use of the appropriate placeholders.

Set it to show titles in Scrivenings mode, and though all the titles will be in the same font , size and weight while in Scrivenings, you will know where you are in the structure.