Numbered Sections

It would be nice to have the possibility for documents in the draft to have numbers instead of titles, and to autonumber themselves as they are moved around. Then the numbers could print in various forms (Arabic,Roman etc.) as section headings.

Maybe someone has already suggested this, maybe it even already exists - in which case my apologies.


It sort of does - you won’t see the numbers “live” as you move the documents around, but if you put <$n> in your document then on export that code is replaced with a number, in order through the document.

There are a few variations on <$n>; <$r> for lowercase roman numerals, for example. Edit -> Insert -> Autonumber will give you the options. You can either use the menu or type the code in yourself.

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but it is useful for keeping the numbering correct when you move things around a lot.

That’s very helpful janra, it’s just what I needed. Thanks.