Numbering chapter


I’m new in this forum and new on Scrivener too. And I’m French so excuse my English by advance.

I’m doing some tests and today, I need help !

I have a document with many titles. for all this titles, I want a number with the respect of the hierarchy.
I’ve try to do this :
I. Chapter
A. Title level 1
1. Title level 2
2. Title level 2
B. Title level 1
1. Title level 2
2. Title level 2
II. Chapter
A. Title level 1
1. Title level 2
2. Title level 2
B. Title level 1
1. Title level 2
2. Title level 2
I failed. :cry:
after I’m wondering if it’s possible to do this on Scrivener…

Is someone have a soluce ?
Thanks a lot


Yes, it is possible to do this.

The basic process is this:

  1. You make sure that of the levels in the Binder has a different Section Type. (i.e. All the Chapters have the same Section Type, all the Title Level 1s have the same (different) Section Type, etc.

  2. You then Compile the document and you make sure that each of your levels (Section Types), have a different Section Layout.

  3. You define each of the different Section Layouts to have a different Title and Number format.

i.e. Section Types tell Scrivener what type of thing each document is. Section Layouts define how each of those things will look.

If some of these terms are new to you, then I think it will be really helpful for you do the Interactive Tutorial, which is on the Help menu) — this goes through the concepts you’ll need, and you may find that it answers your specific question.

If not, please come back and explain which part of the three steps I outlined you’re having difficulty with and we’ll try to help.

Bonne chance…

Thank you for your answer. It’s very kind from you.

I make sure of :
my levels in the binder have different section types (I checked the project parameters)
each section types have a different section layout (I checked in the compile)

in the compile and in title options I have :
for level 1 : <$R> (I, II, III)
for level 2 : <$L> (A, B, C)
for level 3 : <$n> (1, 2, 3)

But when I compile I have :
I. Chapter
A. Title level 1
1. Title level 2
2. Title level 2
B. Title level 1
3. Title level 2
4. Title level 2
II. Chapter
C. Title level 1
5. Title level 2
6. Title level 2
D. Title level 1
7. Title level 2
8. Title level 2

My levels 2 and 3 don’t restart after a superior title.

I do something wrong or I forget a option
I hope you can unterstand my English :blush:


(Votre anglais et parfaitement compréhensible! J’ai peur de répondre en français…)

There’s a placeholder which gives you an automatic heading:

I top level (Roman capital)
A Level 2
1 Level 3
a. Level 4
i. Level 5

The code is <$AON> which you should put in the Title Options of each layout (it stands for alphabetical outline numbering, I think!). Use <$aon> if you want the letters to all be lower case. Each section should reset after the one above changes.

Does this do what you want? You can find more details on the Help menu under “List of all Placeholder”.

I hope this helps.

Hi Brookter,
Thanks a lot, it’s exactly that I want.

Is there a place where I can find the list of all the code like this ?

Best regards.

PS : your French is really good, you can continue this way :wink:

Vous êtes trop gentil(le)…

La liste des “placeholder codes” (c’est quoi, ça, en français?) se trouve au menu Help > List of all Placeholders…

Elle est un peu brève d’explication, mais tous les codes sont là-dedans. S’il y a quelque chose qui n’est pas claire, bien sûr, posez vos questions ici.


Dear Brookter,

Thanks again for the list, In French “placeholder code” is translated by “caractères génériques”.

Reading your sentences in French, I begin to believe that you are French !

Best regards.