Numbering chapters

Hi, I’m on the Windows version and I don’t see the numbering options in View/Corkboard that you mention. Is that not active in the W version?

My use case is simple: I want to write chapters in a novel but be able to re-arrange w/o having to rewrite the titles of each chapter.

You were in a Mac discussion thread by the way, and yes that topic did refer to features that may not all be in the Windows version yet. I’ve split your post to the Windows technical support forum.

That said, what was being discussed there did not involve what you are talking about, I think. Scrivener is already capable of numbering chapters when you compile. They were asking about doing that in the Binder while you work, but if all you need is the numbering to update when you compile, that’s a built-in feature, and many of our starter templates and compile presets have demonstrations of how this can be done.

Thanks. I actually looked through the docs and tutorial and couldn’t find mention of it. Must be hiding! I did discover the Edit/Insert/Autonumber feature. Is that the main way to do this, by inserting those placeholders in the chapter headings? It would be cool if I could rearrange on the corkboard and have the numbers update, but that didn’t seem to happen with autonumber.

You could do it that way, but the way our templates work is by putting that token in the compile settings, which in turn generate titles for you based on a prefix and that number and then including the name of the folder after it, so you’ll end up with something like “Chapter 23: The Final Gasp”, but in the Binder all you see is “The Final Gasp” (of course all of that is just one way to do things, some want the folder to be an internal reference only, not printed—and it’s easy to do that as well, turn a list of folders into generic “Chapter #” headings). If you go through the tutorial step (in the help menu) on compiling, you’ll find where this kind of stuff can be done. And of course, you may find one of the presets or templates does exactly what you want without too much fiddling.

There is no clean way to number things by their compile order in the Binder or elsewhere, even on the Mac. That’s just not an easy thing to do given how much flexibility Scrivener has. It’s not like a word processor where every shred of text is in a single document, naturally, and just because a document is in the Draft folder doesn’t mean it should be numbered, it might not even be compiling at all thanks to settings, or its own “Include in Compile” checkbox.