Numbering Files out of order

Mea Culpa if this has already been dealt with.

I was transferring 19 files from the draft folder of one project to the draft folder of another project.

The files were chapter numbers that began: 1. Chapter One, — through to — 19. Chapter Nineteen. So I used a number sequence from 1 to 19. Each number was immediately followed by a period, then there was a space and then text.

When I dragged the 19 chapters they were number reversed as follows:

19, 18, 17 … 11, 10. Then 1, 2, 3, … 8, 9.

MAYBE this means something.


Thanks, will look into it. Were they all reversed, then?

I tried it again and this time the sequence was 19 back to 1 in perfect order.

Last time the sequence was 19 back to 10 then the rest of the numbers in correct order 1 to 9.


Hmm, I need to check this out more. Is there any way you can always reproduce it?

Yes Keith,

It looks like this in the original Draft Folder:

Title Page

  1. The Kadaitcha Man Calls
  2. That is not Possible
  3. The Teacher
  4. New Journey

And looks like this after dragging these draft chapters to the draft folder of a new project.

  1. New Journey
  2. The Teacher
  3. That is not Possible
  4. The Kadaitcha Man Calls
    Title Page

It happens every time.

Is it perhaps a preference setting or something I have overlooked?


Okay, thanks! I’ve fixed this for beta 5. Until then, you can drag things across in the right order by dropping between items - the bug only occurs when you drop “on” (or “into”) a document in the other project. I just needed to deal with these two situations in reverse order from one another in my code, which was easy to do (I fixed a similar bug ages ago, but just missed it in this particular situation).