Numbering in Scrivener - Mock if you must, but help too.

In Scrivener I want to show an example of several questions, with answers shown under the questions. Numbering the questions is simple, but if I add the answers it numbers the answers too.

The look I am going for is this:

1.This is the first question.
This is the answer to the first question.

2.This is the second question.
This is the answer to the second question.

How would I achieve this in Scrivener?

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You are looking for the line break feature. Line breaks are a way of returning the cursor to the next line without escaping the current paragraph. It’s a bit of a word processor concept, but basically when you press the enter key, you are creating a new paragraph, and that equates to a new line item when you are building lists. Sometimes you need to insert new lines inside of a paragraph however. The way to do this is to hit Shift-enter, instead. Or if that doesn’t work, Ctrl-G and then Ctrl-Y right after should work.

If you turn on invisible characters you should see the difference. Ordinarily there is a pilcrow symbol (¶) after every paragraph, but when you press Shift-enter, you get an arrow instead.

Thank you, that worked well. I have another question about numbering. How can you get the number items to go backward? If you say I am going to count backward from 5 to 1. After each number you are saying a sentence. How can backwards accomplished?



I’ve never heard of such a thing, even in Word. I would just type the numbers in and format it to look nice with indents and tabs if you need a non-linear sequence.

I became curious enough to ask an acquaintance who is recognized as a very knowledgeable Word consultant about decrementing autonumbers.

She pointed me to the following two links along with a comment to the effect that a not-so-autonumbering solution may be worse than simply circumventing the problem manually:

My own thought is that if Word has this much of a problem, I’d hate to see this particular numbering “corner case” embedded in Scrivener…

Cheers & hope this helps,