Numbering in the outliner.

I’m deep into a project and have one, little request that would make things so much easier now my project file has expanded.

Can we have numbering in the outliner?

Now, I wouldn’t have requested this without searching, would I? It has been requested before and Keith said then, “This would be awkward because the numbering would have to take into account hierarchies, and everybody would want a different implementation.”

Now I can see that, except that the index cards do numbering (at the top level) and I think this is all that’s needed. An option to number the top-level in the outliner. I’ve already set-up a custom compile to be able to print the outline with top-level numbering. It would be very welcome to be able to refer to the same numbering on-screen.

Does… not… compute… :slight_smile:

Top-level numbering might be a possibility - I’ve added it to the list for consideration (although it won’t make 2.2, which I’m wrapping up right now).

Thanks and all the best,

Ah, on the list. This is good.

You prompted me to do a ‘Check for updates.’ Looking forward to 2.2. And Hats doffed for all the graft. I’ve been helping Matt Tobin with Aeon Timeline and I understand there’s a lot to it.