Numbering of Binder items

Couldn’t find this on the forums: Is there a way to number the binder items? I could have sworn I had this on at one point… I’ve got the synopsis elements numbered, and it would be nice to see the corresponding numbers in the binder column. Thanks

There is no facility for that. What you might be thinking of is the View/Corkboard Options/Show Card Numbers setting? It should be stressed this is fairly simplistic. True numbering, that has any regard for what will actually compile, is a lot more difficult than it may seem, considering the large amount of flexibility that is afforded between outline and output (vast portions of the outline may not even compile, notes may be interspersed with manuscript, and certain levels themselves may be effectively eliminated, to list a few challenges).

Thanks. So, even if I had a series of chapters - or folders - these couldn’t be automatically numbered?

If you view that series of folders on a corkboard (perhaps clicking on the main Draft folder itself would accomplish that) then sure, this option will work for you.