Numbering PDF files

I putting together a course reader which is assembled of excerpts from other books. I’m planning to deliver the reader as a PDF file, since I have scanned the excerpts as individual PDF files. Is there any piece of software that would allow me to just add page numbers to the final PDF (which assembles all the individual excerpts)?’

Of course you could use Acrobat (full version) but Preview will, albeit a bit awkwardly, annotate your pdf, allowing you to add page numbers in a small text box.


HTH, Of course Adobe Acrobat crossed my mind, but it’s way to expensive for what I need. But I hadn’t thought about Preview–it just might be what I need. Thank you.


Try pdfPEN Pro from SmileOnMyMac. It’s good. It’s solid. It’s relatively inexpensive.
Then for shrinking the sizes of your final files, you might try pdfShrink.

I’d be interested to know if this solution works for you.


BTW (by the way),

HTH is shorthand for “hope this helps”

PdfLab is another nice app for adding/removing blank pages or adding other content to existing pdfs. Though it doesn’t appear that you can edit the existing pdf pages it may be useful in the future.