Numbering problem in windows

I have looked in various places for the answer to this and haven’t found it so far. How do I get the compiler to start numbering pages after the front matter. Right now it numbers right from the title page, and I’d prefer it to number only the story itself (or do roman numerals in the acknowledgments and copyright) but can’t find any way to change this.


Bump. Does no one have a method for this? I’ve been searching for a way for two days and still can’t seem to find one.

I’m not sure it’s possible in the release version of 1.9.x; I think it is probably a v. 3 feature, so you could have a look at the current v. 3 beta and see if that allows you to do it,

I’m a Mac user, and am not sure about the status of such things on Windows, sorry.


No worries. I’ve looked at the beta and don’t see numbering at all…so maybe it’s not implemented yet. It’s so different that I’m not sure yet of all the compiling changes.