Numbering Scrivener text files (Windows platform)

Does anyone have ideas about a quick and/or practical (or just one that works) way to apply numbering to a series of Scrivener text files prior to export so as to ensure that the files will maintain their correct order (instead of alphabetizing as they otherwise do) once they land inside a computer folder? Is there any sort of numbering function I’m just not seeing in the Windows version of Scrivener? (I did find mention of a way to approach this in the Mac version – something to do with Corkboard numbering options – but the option doesn’t seem to be available in the Windows version unless very well hidden.)

I know I can manually insert a number in front of every file name to force the correct sorting order when exported, and that would be great if I’d thought of it sooner; but I have a lot of files now, and it will be tedious to rename them all at this point. So, I’m just hoping …

BTW, I know “compiling” can go part of the distance to keeping things in order, but I do not want to compile at this point. I simply want a collection of the bits and bobs I’ve written and saved so that I can restart with a clean writing project while still having an orderly archive on my computer into which I can dip as desired.

If anyone knows what buttons I should be pushing – or if there are even such buttons to push – in the Windows version to meet this need, I’d really appreciate hearing about it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Numbering files on export is a feature that will be available once 3.0 is out. In a preliminary sense, it looks like the public beta can do this, but it does not appear to be exporting files properly at the moment in general. I couldn’t export at all unless I selected everything explicitly, and then I got a flat output instead of neatly organised into folders the way they should be. Otherwise that would probably help you out right now—and if you don’t mind a flat list output then maybe it is good enough.

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