Numbering streams

Is it me or the numbering streams no longer work at all ?



So… they work when in the editor, but not when in the compile format itself… (??)

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I can’t get them to work as a paragraph formatting style’s prefix. It just compiles out the placeholder itself for the <$n:…> ones (which is set as a title suffix), and nothing for the <$n#Keyword> ones (style’s prefix).

Same using “r” “R”.

I’ll start over, see if I messed up.


Compiled: (This time the <$n:…> one worked. But not the others.)

There is also a “1” before the first paragraph, coming from I don’t know where.
[EDIT] Call it user error, – HEADACHE or whatnot – the style wasn’t applied on all paragraphs (I could swear I did, but obviously didn’t)


So they do work. Gosh. Then… Oh then… why ??
My compile format(s) ?

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Is there a way to compile the current value of a numbering placeholder without incrementing it and without using a stream ? A hack or something?

And this is not messed up???

You must have read the Placeholder PDF on Automatic numbering…

I’m not sure I get what you mean…?
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Something is wrong with my compile formats. (??)
But I stripped the copy of one naked to see where the issue is, and it still won’t work with only a title and a single layout… (No styles. – All gone.)

Hum… Errr hmm. Let me think. … Yes? :slight_smile: (Just kidding. Yes, a good couple of times, even. – Which doesn’t mean I didn’t miss something. …?)

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@AntoniDol : If I messed up somewhere or am misunderstanding something, something you spotted :nerd_face:, please be so kind as to tell me what I am doing wrong or am wrongfully expecting, cause I have no clue what it may be.

In your first message Autonumbering Streams works as designed: <$n:test> increments every time a Placeholder is encountered by the Compiler, and referenced back when you’re using <$n#test>.

In your second message, where your Autonumbering Stream is set up as a Suffix of the Binder title also works as a charm for the title, with a space before the number.

In your Style the numbers are added as a prefix to the paragraphs, but are not incremented by the Compiler, because your referencing the first use of it in the document Title with a “#”, not a colon.

Scrivener has a function for numbering lines in the Editor. Guess that function is not working for you, because you want the numbers in the compiled document.


Right. And that’s exactly what I want.

Sections/Documents prefix : <$n:docnumber>
My paragraph formatting styles are (or so I wished they could be) prefixed as:

So I get
1-1 <Paragraph
1-2 <Paragraph
1-3 <Paragraph
Next doc in the compile:
2-1, 2-2, 2-3


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I can’t compile in a numbering placeholder that doesn’t increment unless it is a stream.
And for some reason, streams won’t work in my extensively worked on / developed compile format. (I am not starting over from scratch, no no no.)
I’ll figure some other way to have a reference between the project in Scrivener and print and/or whatever other media I revise on from time to time to break out of habit.

Up until now just a paragraph numbering that resets with each section/file was fine, but I am in the process of testing/implementing a few visions to my workflow.

Then your Paragraph Prefix is incomplete, because they still need the number for the Paragraph itself, don’t they?

I’d expect <$n#title>-<$n:paragraph>.

And you would have to reset the Paragraph stream in the Title Suffix.

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Technically, <$n> should work for the paragraphs.
Perhaps <$n> doesn’t go along too well a <$n:Stream> ? I don’t know. [EDIT: The other way around, actually. <$n> works fine, but perhaps it messes up the stream. But… ]
But even then, for now I am testing without any <$n> (only the stream for the documents), and it doesn’t work.

But, you’re getting the number one which you are referencing from the document title with a “#”, right? So that seems to be working fine to me.

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That’s a compile through a compile format I just cloned off “Default” to run a test. To see whether the issue was with the stream /Scrivener or just my compile format.
My custom compile format doesn’t yield those results. [Sorry for the confusion. I should’ve been more detailed along my screenshots. And the reason I ended up posting these screenshots even though it works, is because at first it looked like this didn’t work either, but it was only because of my paragraphs to which I – forgot? – to assign the style. Although you can see in the screenshot that I did. Or perhaps I simulated it for the screenshot then forgot. As I said: Headache.]

I’ve been tweaking my faulty compile format since V3 came out.
Surely something I did at some point bugged it.
There was another user with an issue that more and more seems alike, a few months back. (A year? maybe.) And that was his/her issue in the end. A bugged up compile format. IIRC

(I’ll survive, btw. :slight_smile: )

[EDIT] Thanks a bunch for your input @AntoniDol :+1:

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This works. Maybe you can find any differences…


I found my pig.

Among the multiple replacements that my compile format contains, a few of them are punctuations that are replaced for a symbol that, despite being the exact same punctuation, makes them stand out more on print.

One of them was replacing " : " with " ᎓ "

Indeed enough to throw off the streams.

With the replacement :

Replacement bypassed :

. . . . . .
No bug in Scrivener.
No bugged up compile format from cumulative tweaks.
Just plain old user error.

[EDIT] My favorite pie flavor is lemon. In case it eventually matters. :wink: