Numbering Verses in Scrivener

Hi Everyone.
Is there any way to create numbered verses (as in songs, or poetry) in Scrivener, preferably without a hanging indent?



You can use <$n>.

That placeholder will be replaced by a number at compile. (<$r> or <$R> for roman numerals.)

As for the indent that it’ll cause, play a trick on Scrivener, by having the first line indent of your verses/paragraphs to a value lesser than the left indent.


You can also insert those numbers at compile by using styles in the editor, but that won’t fix an unwanted consequent indent. (In that case, fix the indent as above, but in the styles panel of your compile format.)


P.S. I suppose that what I just described is somewhat of a hanging indent, so, no, it can’t really be done without.
Unless you want to constantly insert tabs, which is not so much of a great idea, and would visually yield the very same result anyway. (Assuming that you’d use line-breaks. Else, no, forget the tabs completely.)

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Hi Vincent_Vincent,
Many thanks for your helpful reply.

I should have specified that I meant that I want to number verses in the Editor (during the writing process), rather than in the Compile process.

Thanks again.

In that case, if you want to be able to see the numbers (not just <$n>) in the editor, you could use a list and line breaks:


Else, if it is purely as a reference while you work on something, check out:
(note that this numbering doesn’t compile nor print.)


There is otherwise no way that I know of (aside the list) of automatically numbering paragraphs so that the numbers are visible in the editor and compilable/printable.

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I had tried the list and line break ideas before, but was not able to get it to work, but from the example you showed, it looks like this will work - many thanks!

For anyone else reading this, Shift+Enter will give a ‘soft’ line break.

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