'Nuther Registration Mook Up

I’ve been using the trial version for a bit and with 16 days remaining just bought the license.
The program does not like the information I type in from the sales invoice.

The first response is that the license is validated.
Upon continuing it tells me:
invalid serial number and/or user name
Please register the serial number and name to match the order confirmation email
One or the other is blank when retrieved from the registry

And yes, an Internet connection is open at all times.

What is needed to finally get this thing running??

Thank you

James Curts

Grab the most recent version–it should be 1.2.3 or so. It should fix the trial expiration bug and the no active internet connection bug for others. That having been said, I could always register/activate, and I’m hit with the update bug, as well.

(The update bug has an easy work-around: download the installer from the L&L website. Not as sexy as an in-program updater, but it works.)

It seems some mild threats induced the powers that be at the Literature and Latte office suites to concede failure and provide the registration that was bought an paid for.

I simply downloaded a highly rated competitor program, notified NATO and the Organization For Barefoot Unwed Mothers of the issue and pasted the pertinent information to Facebook. Low and behold this morning all worked as specified.

Now I face the task of notifying these other folks that it was all a mistake and perhaps only an instance of Latte overruling Literature and all is well.

Now I just have to attempt to get this thing to work for me…

Thank you

James Curts