'Nuther Script Question

I ran across the Fountain Screenplay application and wondered if anyone else was familiar with it or had used it.
The Script project that Scrivener offers is adequate but Fountain seems to be a more complete program with a wider offering of scripting options. The writers claim it is compatible with Scrivener which is a big plus.



They’re not really comparable. Fountain is a mark-up system, that allows you to write screenplays in any text editor - but you must also write codes that indicate formatting. It’s fast, when you get used to it, but you it won’t look like a finished screenplay until you run it through another program to compile what you have written. Am not sure that Scrivener does this part of it yet, though you can write the marked-up text in Scrivener.

The powerful thing about Scrivener is not really the script template, but script mode. With a bit of tweaking, you can get use Scrivener as a full WYSIWYG screenplay editor, showing how your finished screenplay will look as you’re writing it (except for the page breaks - for that you’ll have to compile it).

Thanks for the input.

Some of the information was a bit ambiguous to say the least but it did look somewhat promising.s