Obscurity Level - well, well, well.

If, like me, you are frequently stuck for inspiration when reporting on the cricket matches of the early 1880s between the small villages of Wich Pisser, Piddlingshire and Harumphempiresnotdeadyetyouknow, Middle Essex, you can now auto-generate the characters from within Scrivener 2.0.

Edit > Writing Tools > Name Generator (attempt alliteration, 3 initials, double-barrelled).

Here’s Wich Pisser’s 1st XI:
J. J. R. Bentham-Pearce
C. D. T. Lukacs-Reid
S. M. M. Gill-Murphy
J. K. R. Willis-Wright
L. M. J. Doyle-Barker
M. R. R. Lewis-Clarke
E. R. S. Solomon-Roberts
R. A. J. Gill-Thompson
R. K. E. Holmes-Johnson
C. K. H. West-Murray
J. J. C. Mason-Brown

And the slightly more colourful visiting team, via the absolutely wonderful (and soon to be incorporated into all Apple products - ‘Obscurity Level’ slider.
S. L. T. Southey-Molloy
G. V. X. Brant-Hartley
H. B. D. Niffenegger-Vilmorin
J. L. G. Florit-Lawler
T. A. A. Strindberg-Truffaut
W. J. K. Prynne-Gunther
G. W. H. Daguerre-Lorenz
W. K. I. Sorel-Grabbe
B. H. F. Watkins-Mantegna
P. A. H. Vian-Deutsch
E. A. S. Dali-Kyd

Yes, wife, I am busy. Not productive, but busy. :mrgreen:

Very good, sir. I am, indeed, often stuck & struck by such. 8)