Obsidian and links

Ah that was the issue! I was trying to sync to an existing vault. Right when I am back on my desktop folder. I shall delete everything and start again! I have a copy of the project safety stored on my iPad so my data is safe. At least now I know to create the sync folder in Scrivener first!

Hi @StaceyUK, I wondered how you ended up getting on with keeping an Obsidian vault synced with your Scrivener Notes folder?

If it helps to have another view: I have used the ‘sync with external folder’ tool for different projects over the years, syncing both draft and notes in md format. I’ve used various external text editors, and save for the occasional small blip that might have been caused by one or other app, an OS, a ropy sync service, a bad connection, or me, the tool has always worked well.

Being more than a text editor, I had wondered if there would be issues when using Obsidian and Scrivener together, but they both performed perfectly well for my needs.

I stopped using ‘sync with external folder’ between Scrivener and Obsidian after a few months, but would use it again if I ever needed to.

I need to work more with both apps before I give a definitive answer. I would recommend not using internal links from either program because as of now they do not understand each other internal link systems.

Regarding internal links, I’ve found they can be made to work together. Here’s how it works:

  • Internal links in Obsidian are usually formed like this: [[Name of Note]], or for those that change the visible link text: [[Name of Note|visible text]].
  • While Scrivener doesn’t scan for this syntax and dynamically turn them into links, the “Name of Note” convention that is used in both forms works neatly with its ad hoc linking feature. Just select the “Name of Note” text, right-click, and you’ll find a command, “Open ‘Name of Note’” at the very top of the contextual menu.

One downside is that you can’t easily use Scrivener’s Automatically detect [[document links]] setting, at least not without going back and adding them after typing (it only triggers when typing forward). But on the other hand if you’re using both programs in an integrated fashion, you probably don’t want Scrivener hyperlinks anyway.

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