Occasional problem changing focus file in splitwindow[NOTED]

This isn’t a very useful bug report because it doesn’t happen consistently and I haven’t figured out a pattern but just in case:

I’m editing an existing text. Each scene was in its own file .rtf file. One at a time I opened them in RoughDraft, then used ^A and ^C and ^V to move the scenes into Scivener. (Yes, I have that problem with chunks of text sometimes being invisible even though really there, but I know that you’re already aware of that.)

Anyway, I have the editor split, with a scene from the main manuscript folder in the top window and a file from a different folder (generally from either “Major Characters” or “Minor Characters” or “Locations”) in the bottom window. I’m skimming through the text looking for established facts about characters and locations and such. When I find something I click on the title of the lower window to switch the focus, and then click on the appropriate file in the binder to open it. For example, I want to open the file called “Sheila” under the folder “Major Characters” so I can make a note that she has a dog named Garcia.

MOST of the time this works as expected. But sometimes, maybe one out of every four or five times, the clicked on file doesn’t appear in the lower window. When it doesn’t open, I can click on the desired file in the binder three, four, whatever number of times without the file opening in the lower window.

However I’ve found that if I click on the Folder above them (Major Characters in this case) that file opens immediately in the lower window. And then if I click on the file I wanted (“Sheila”) it now opens.

I’ve had this recur maybe eight times during my recent editing session. If it happens again, I will experiment more to see if clicking on any other file will serve to break the ‘freeze’ rather than specificaly the file ‘above’ the one I want.

If it matters, the Major and Minor character files aren’t designated as folders.