occasional type size errors into Word (docx)

I’m getting some unexpected formatting quirks going from Scrivener to Word as docx. Occasionally, a whole paragraph will be in a different type size than was set in Scrivener.

This could be a docx issue, or a word issue, so I don’t want to point any fingers, but has anyone had issues such as this? I don’t recall this happening when I was exporting as rtf.

Edit: This is happening in RTF as well; at exactly the same paragraph each time. I’m wondering what could be causing this?

Some more info: There may be some relationship between this random sizing issue and ‘keep with next’, as it often occurs near stuff that has had keep with next checked. I’ve attached a screenshot from word. All of those numbered examples and each of the lines below should be 10pt, and all of the prose should be 12.
Screen shot 2013-05-18 at 4.50.15 PM.png

Bump? I have no clue why this is happening.


There is a known issue that can cause Keep with Next to mess up the formatting, essentially swallowing the formatting for the keep-with-next paragraph so that the subsequent paragraph uses formatting from a previous paragraph. I think I have fixed this for the next update, and hope to have a beta out this week - please look out for the beta and let me know if it fixes it.

Thanks and all the best,

Great to hear that! As always Keith, thanks for your excellent software.

Is there a way I can uncheck ‘keep with next’ for everything? It’s causing more problems than it solves down the line for me right now, and I went to a slightly extraordinary step of selecting my entire document and hitting ‘keep with next’ so that I could then uncheck it. This did not appear to work and now I’m getting some funky formatting all the way through.

There’s not, no - in fact, I was going to suggest exactly what you tried, to select all the text, turn Keep with Next on and then deselect it again. When you go to the Format > Text menu, is Keep with Next ticked? Maybe try deselecting it again?

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I’ve also been having a problem compiling to both Word and RFT and then opening the document in Word 2008. The font was all mashed together in some strange way. When selected the text and then selected the typeface it already was set to, Times New Roman, it reset the type and it was fine.

I upgraded to Word 2011 and the problem went away.

I actually ended up going through each document and selecting all then hitting my own keyboard shortcut for ‘keep with next’ to unselect it. I think the issue with Scrivener not allowing me to select the entire project’s contents and uncheck KWN (t was greyed out) is that it didn’t like titles also being selected. Someone on the google plus group suggested that I turn off titles in composite mode and then select all, but I didn’t get this far. Doing my whole paper manually took only half an hour or so.

But it’s a bit of a bug that it will let you apply a formatting change to everything (even with titles selected), but not unapply it (say, if it’s a toggled thing like KWN is).