Occasional Unexpected Spelling Results

Any idea why the word “were” is flagged as incorrect here?


Ah, I get it. It’s interpreting it as a grammar error, thinking the “were” refers to “a town.”

Yep, it’s a new “feature” of Mojave, mixing up grammar checking with spell-checking - while nearly always getting it wrong.

fwiw, I bumped the MacRumors thread given this has not been fixed in 10.14.1. A few more folk have jumped in.

What’s so sad is that this is not a bug, but a large-scale absence of education. An entire corporation is unable to distinguish spelling from grammar. It’s like a drawing app providing black when you select white. Or being given a puck to play football. Or a chess app allowing you to move a Bishop like a Rook. It’s so utterly incorrect in the domain as to be incomprehensible.

Have you tried the Scrivener 3.1 beta? I have some code in there that at least tries to work around the red underlines in these cases.

Yes, I’m using the beta, and I deleted all the workaround words from my local dictionary. It’s worked well, to date. Nice one!

Great! It can only get rid of the underlines, not the underlying checks (so if you right-click on one of the words that would have been underlined, you’ll still see the erroneous suggestions), but at least you’re not nagged by those wrong red lines all the time. I’m surprised Apple hasn’t addressed this in 10.14.1, because it really is quite egregious.

Got it.

I’ll wait for a while before trying the beta–I have to get used to my new Mac and the new Scrivener first.

A funny thing. I just sent that scene to someone to get some comments, but I forgot to remove my test sentences, " A test of the word were. We were hungry."

Someone’s going to be confused.

Here’s a question: If I don’t want to see the perfectly correct word underlined, should I right-click and choose ignore spelling? Learn spelling?

Yes, this works.

(It adds the word to ~/Library/Spelling/LocalDictionary)